I am trying hard not to work today, this is the only day I will have with my wife for a while. Not that we can do much, but sometimes it just nice to be in each other’s company. Or at least it was a few weeks ago!
It’s started off great! I have sorted out a problem with our online delivery schedule, which we are building for all the motorhomes we have due for collection. Despite lockdown we have still been taking orders and now it appears everyone wants their vans at once. The boys in the workshop are going to have a busy time of it. I have spoken to a couple of my customers and cleared my emails. This will be it for today, I am going to go and get a good bit of vitamin D and some exercise. I’ll let the boss decide where we are walking to, when she eventually drags herself out of bed.

The far reaching of blog continues to be a source of amazement to me. I know, I know a good few people dotted around the globe and I guess you have read about a few of them. But the messages I am getting from people I don’t even know is amazing. I can’t say it enough, thank you all for your support. I really don’t know where this journey is going to take us but stick with me for the ride and we all find out together.
My blog has also revitalised my connection with friends and family. I will be the first to admit I am not great at keeping in touch. My excuse is I spend all day talking to people, so by the time I get home I can’t be bothered. The latter is probably truer, that and I have my Facebook PA to keep me abreast on what everyone is up to.

We have had our walk, Lola is sleeping on the deck in the sunshine. Wifey has her head in a book and I am going to create some culinary delight for dinner. Just for a change it’s a curry. I am really missing a curry and hope our favourite curry house will be operating under Level 3.
It’s amazing the silly things you miss. Food is right up there, but just going to work and socialising, as sad as that sounds is probably my biggest miss.
I am also missing my golf, which will be allowed in some form under level 3. You can only play with people in your bubble. So there will be a mass of single players out there from Tuesday. There will be no pins either and cups will be turned upside down to avoid contact. It won’t matter, I am desperate to go out and play; not being able to putt the ball in the hole and lack of score a card will be the least of my worries after 5 weeks enforced break.
Curry prep is done and just in time as our afternoon is interrupted by a few neighbours coming for a social distancing drink. These little interludes have always been fun, I am seriously considering putting a bar on the fence line of my property and making it perhaps a monthly event. Our garden faces out from the house towards the street it makes sense to use ours as a base. If people are kerbside you can see them from the majority of the street. That and we like to be social, if the occasional beverage has to be consumed we will suffer that too for the greater cause.
This particular interlude turns into a real laugh. These I think are the best of times, no plans, just a few friends enjoying each other’s company. Nobody wants to go, it’s a great release for everyone. Coats are on, people are wrapped in blankets; aside me I am still in my shorts and T-shirt. I keep telling you, you don’t know what cold is. But it’s dark and we haven’t eaten, fortunately I just need to put some rice on, warm through my curry and knock up a few naan breads. I can do that under the influence of a couple of beers.
Full of the warming glow of curry and beers, we lazily watch a bit of TV before it bedtime. Here we discover we have committed a school boy error. Sometime this morning my wife stripped the bed, but between dog walks, curry making, social distancing beers and now it has all been forgotten about. Isn’t this the worst feeling ever, you’re all tired, comfortable and nicely dozy. When you discover you have to get busy again. The student days of sneaking under the duvet are gone, we have to make the bed.