A place we all hoped we would never see again, a journey we thought travelled is back. I guess even our team of five million can’t defeat this pandemic as it sweeps the world and whilst I am sure we all feel the same disappointment to be back in lockdown, perhaps it was unrealistic to think we wouldn’t be again?
We all did a fantastic job first time around and I strongly believe the actions we took were correct. Now sadly we have to hunker down and start over, hopefully for not so long this time; but with the news of a Mount Albert Grammar School student testing positive this morning, sadly I am not so sure.
What I do know is togetherness is the only way to defeat this terrible plague, acting as one is our only chance. Sure I didn’t see myself back at my dining table writing to you all. I had already started planning what ‘The Diary of an Isolated Salesman’ would look like in a post Covid New Zealand. I have plans to reignite it in a new guise; but for now that is on hold while we all settle in and work together to be again the darlings of the world media in defeating Covid for a second time.

The only one happy about the whole situation is Lola, despite her attempts to drag me out of bed at half past five this morning. To be fair to her this is the normal time I take her out; but clearly she didn’t get the memo that I would be home and the need for such early walks wasn’t required. I managed to keep her at bay till about seven, but it was clear by then if we didn’t go soon I would have more cleaning to do than the already detailed list my darling wife had left me. I did question if I had been entered into the World Covid Cleaning Olympics? This was met with a very blunt outburst that I won’t repeat here.
So we are back to the start, Lola is very happy as she has her Dad all-day. Wife is working and I am here talking to you all under the guise of homeworking. Don’t get me wrong I do have plenty to do. Sadly these motorhomes don’t sell themselves. I have a long list of customers already bought, that will need updating on what is happening, whatever that is? Despite being at Level 3 I still have ambitions of selling a few vehicles. Business is still very brisk and despite this small blimp of a lockdown I don’t foresee anything changing in that regard.
Kiwis have clearly embraced the idea that travel outside of New Zealand is off the agenda for the foreseeable future and the opportunity to explore their own back yard seems like to good an opportunity to miss. I have to say I agree with them; ‘The Traveling Isolated Salesman’ seems like an excellent idea to me.