Stories of the Covid-19 lock-down from a small-time salesman and his dog

Day 36, Tuesday 28th April

The morning of level 3. It’s got the feeling of first day back at school to it, you’re all in luck though. Wifey has already gone to work and Lola is no good with a camera, so I can’t do the obligatory ‘first day at school’ picture on the doorstep. I have cleaned my shoes though, you’ll just have to take me at my word on that. I am not sure what I am expecting, I have got a message from the boss that traffic is heavy. So I am guessing more than a select few essential workers are making the journey to work.
It’s an interesting point, this makes. How do you determine who can and can’t work under Level 3? Do I need to be in work? Quoting from the Employment New Zealand website it tells us “Businesses should carefully consider what activities are absolutely necessary and how to safely operate based on their individual circumstances”. Pretty ambiguous. Clearly employers have a duty of care to their employees. They have to protect their employees within the workplace; but what if you know your employee is the single only breadwinner for a family of five. Without their income the kids can’t eat, where does your duty of care lie then?

First day back at work done, what a day. Thl have got there monies worth from me today. The site was predictable quite but still plenty of jobs that needed catching up on and completing.
The highlights were predictable, seeing my friends and colleagues again. What a blessing I have had to be able to just hold a simple conversation with someone other than my immediate neighbours. I am sure as we move forward into level 3 we will see more people attending the site, by appointment only of course. But for now I will enjoy catching up and the company.

I have held back from the need to rush to McDonalds, the queue this morning as I went to work was incredible. I will be the first to admit I am not a great fan of Ronald and his burgers but clearly a great many Kiwis are. Why is a question for another time? But it just goes to show we crave most what we can’t have. Me I am still hanging out for that curry, but I can wait till the end of the week for that. It got me thinking, what are we really missing being stuck in our own homes?
We have had a crack at cooking various different meals, with mixed results. Even so aside my curry, food doesn’t seem that important.
I have enjoyed getting out in the car today, but I have spent many an hour behind the wheel so the novelty of that has worn off long before now.
Company has been an obvious miss, but with all the social media and video chat that is available I can hardly say I have not been speaking to anyone.
I realised what I missed most is the sea, by that I mean looking at it. It has been proven many a time that despite living near the sea my entire life; I am much better looking at it than on it.
When I have something to think about or I just want some me time, a walk or even just to sit and look at the sea has been something I have always done. I know I live quite close to the marina and I do like to look at the boats, but it doesn’t have that same relaxing rhythmic motion the sea has.
As a child I can still hear myself saying to my late mother “go see sea” and as the years rolled on we would both enjoy a walk by the sea. If it was belting it down with rain, coupled with thunder and lightning; that would be so much the better.
So that’s it,  what I have learned is I miss the sea and company the most. Oh and I miss my Mum but I didn’t need lockdown to teach me that.

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  1. DPATT

    Thanks Andrew……it’s been great reading….Looking forward to catching up with you both soon. xx
    Is that level 2 or level 1 ….???

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