Stories of the Covid-19 lock-down from a small-time salesman and his dog

Day 23, Wednesday 15th April

Today starts off much like yesterday, I still have plenty of the database to go at and get on the phone as soon as I can. Only today it’s not happening. I am still making my happy happy phone calls but for whatever reason they are not going down so well. In normal times I would go and do something else, but these aren’t normal times. I haven’t got the opportunity to nip out onto the forecourt and speak to someone, or even have a little shuffle around of the vans. It’s only me and my computer. The wife didn’t get home till about four this morning so is having a lay in, before she does the same sort of shift later today. I have no escape. Today homeworking isn’t so much fun.
I fight it through till about lunchtime, when I break off to cook up a quick chilli. As much for my sanity than anything else. But it does insure wifey goes to work with a hot meal inside of her. I glance at the one o’clock briefing, but even that isn’t grabbing me today. Sometimes being an Isolated Salesman is no fun and today is that day. I am sure it’s just in my mind but I need an escape. Lola who had been fast asleep on my feet get a surprise walk and I call it a day. When it’s not happening for you, you are better off stepping away. So that’s what we do, lots of steps.

Rather than bore you with my mental instability I thought I would start on another of one of my motorhome adventures. On my European trip we are just about in France and I am not so keen on France so we will come back to that. More exciting than France is Canada!
I am very fortunate, I have family in Canada who have as luck would have it have a RV sales, repair and rental business based in Lockport, Manitoba. Styling’s RV LTD, look them up. Great guys and a fountain of knowledge and a great base to travel from if you want to drive the Trans-Canada Highway. Well at least some of it, Canada is a big county!
One thing before I start on my journey. My Canadian family’s business is Styling’s RV LTD, but our surname is spelt Sti not Sty. There is a very simple explanation for this. Like a great many Stiling’s before them; they have got fed up with explaining how to pronounce our surname. Spell it phonetically and put it above the door seemed the most sensible cause of action to them. I am also hoping I will be able to tell who is reading this by their future pronunciation of my surname.
From our base is Lockport we are effectively going to travel form Winnipeg to Jasper National Park. Along the 16 through places like Saskatoon and Edmonton. Then down through the Icefields Parkway to Banff and back along the Trans-Canada Highway to Winnipeg. About a three and a half thousand kilometer round trip, which sounds a lot but for Canadians this is a weekender. We take a little longer.



Our home for this trip is a Bigfoot. A real beauty of a motorhome that aside me chipping the windscreen never missed a beat. Some may look at this as large, we turned down the bigger one. The bigger one was a bus, pull out sides the works. We were very happy in Bigfoot and I am still very grateful to my family for allowing us the use of Bigfoot for our trip.
Oddly I can’t remember this trip as vividly as I can my European trip, perhaps it’s an age thing? So I won’t give you a blow by blow account of the drive, more some of the highlights of the journey.
So in no particular order; if you ever get the chance, go to Dinosaur Provincial Park. Dinosaur Provincial Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located about two-and-a-half hours’ drive east of Calgary in a small place called Drumheller. The park is well known for being one of the richest dinosaur fossil locations in the world. Fifty-eight dinosaur species have been discovered at the park and more than 500 specimens have been removed and exhibited in museums around the globe. We had a bloody good look around and couldn’t add to this.

Dinosaur Provincial Park 1 Dinosaur Provincial Park 4

Dinosaur Provincial Park 2  Dinosaur Provincial Park

The scenery is spectacular, as I hope these few pictures show. You can camp pretty much next to these views and it is well worth a couple of days just exploring the walks and soaking in the history of the place. Not far away is the Dinosaur Provincial Park Visitor Centre, which features exhibits about dinosaurs, fossils, and the geology and natural history of the park. It is fascinating, you could lose a good day just looking at everything they have found.

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