By now we have heard from our CEO and senior management team. There are going to be some tough decisions to be made and like I have said before I am realistic enough to know I’m not immune from this. My manager is quick to organise a team meeting for later today and I dare say individual meetings will follow; difficult times.

Not feeling like work, Lola gets a surprise late morning walk. I’ve said before, she’s not normally right keen at this time of day. She’s an early morning or late evening walker; thank you very much. Today; perhaps she senses something is different, but off we trot without even the slightest objection.
It’s surprisingly quiet about. A young family trying to teach kids to ride bikes, whom the sight of a small dog bobbling about causes a small accident. But it’s all good they are on the grass and tears are soon washed away. Lola couldn’t be less interested in all the commotion and I have the perfect two meter excuse for not getting involved in the crying child. The rest of the walk passes without incident. It’s been a great opportunity to clear my headspace and just what I needed at this time. I even feel like a little work now.

And so with as much dignity, comfort and support that can be afforded in these situations. All but a few essential staffs are on twelve weeks leave. No work, nothing to fill my days with…..
It’s an odd situation, because I saw it coming. I had only been talking about it this morning with my wife. I had laid out exactly how Thl would act, but now it’s here and I am looking at their actions straight in the face, I still can’t believe it. Not so much the business decisions, I get that. But how in just such a short space of time the world has changed. How a relevantly simple thing as a flu has sent the world into this perpetual spiral of despair. Borders closed, countries on lockdown. Who in their right mind would have thought we would be living through a plague of such biblical proportions.